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Dear Friend, 

"By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of possibility." -Alan Watts

It is through and from curiosity that I entered into my work as an Intuitive Life Coach. It is this gift of curiosity and the brightness it can add to our lives that I wish to share with you. 


I collaborate with individuals navigating grief, relationship changes or challenges, lifestyle changes initiated by health diagnosis or life circumstances, as well as those looking to integrate more purpose, vitality, creativity and intuitive awareness into their lives. I draw from my various training's, certifications and modalities as well as my highly attuned intuition while I work with each client. It would be my pleasure to collaborate with you in an effort in facilitate healing, growth, peace, and purpose.  My technique offers an opportunity for you to self-regulate your healing process all while integrating my feedback and healing options. I provide weekly and/or monthly support through hour long sessions which are held either in person or by phone or skype. Each individual and circumstance is different from another, therefore sessions may vary from weekly, to monthly, to once or twice a year. This is a decision we make together throughout the duration of our time together.

If you'd like to discuss options for working together please contact me for a personal, private, and complimentary consultation.



My Vision

To participate in co-creating a world where fulfilling relationships, mindful lifestyles, healing hearts, open minds, and core vitality are cornerstones to optimum health and happiness.


My Mission

To provide unique and highly personalized support for all those seeking my service. And, ultimately, that all those that leave my office find a new avenue to healing and access to life improving options.  

Energy Medicine, Reiki, Reiki Master, Greif Counseling, Grief Care, Relationship Counseling, Bridges to Heaven, Professional Intuitive Coach, Life Coach, Meditation Instruction, Meditation, Patient Advocate,
Mimi Meggyesy

Certified Professional Life Coach

Certified Bereavement Coach

Certified Relationship Coach

Certified Bridges to Heaven Intuitive Coach

Meditation Specialist

Reiki Master/Energy Intuitive

Yoga for Mental Health Provider

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