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Hallow Heart Grief Relief

On that day, your life changed forever. 

Deep within the depth of our soul is a place I call the hallow of our heart. The place where time stands still and all that we've known will never be the same. Yet, we must move on. And moving on might be the hardest thing you'll ever do.

I work with all stages of grief, and welcome you exactly where you are. Together we'll embrace the pain, find re-connection with your lost loved one, and build a vision for your future, all while honoring and incorporating your lost loved ones life and purpose in your life. I call this Hallow Heart Grief Relief. Your heart is your healing center of your body and the bridge between the "walk" in your life and your purpose. Nurturing and healing this deep pain and opening to your soul's journey and potential is how you'll move forward.


While working together we'll:

Develop coping strategies.

Navigate relationship changes, pressures, and needs.

Develop tools for stepping back into life and work.

Develop tools to aid you in getting through each day, week, month, anniversary, and special event.

Provide space to process spirituality and the "What and Where Now" questions.

Re-connect with your lost loved one.

Restore balance and vitality in your heart (where grief sits) and throughout your energetic system. 

Hallow Heart Grief Sessions are hour long sessions and can be in person, by phone, skype or zoom. Each individual need is distinct and specialized therefore frequency, session location, and duration will be highly personalized.

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